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Dog insurance and cat insurance

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Take a look at how we compare to the other pet insurance plans out there. 

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Best dog insurance and cat insurance for your budget

For all 

Every pet can select their annual limit, reimbursement and deductible that works best for their budget. 

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Best pet insurance company allows you to pick any licensed vet

Pick your own vet

So long as they’re licensed, it doesn’t matter who you go to for treatment with our best pet health insurance plan.

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Best pet insurance company allows you to files claims quickly

Fast and
easy claims

Make claims in 5 minutes or less using your phone. We get to the point with the best pet medical insurance program. 
Best pet insurance plans gives back to others


We’re pledging 1% of all profits to help pets without a home after a natural disaster. Does your pet insurance program do that?

We’ve got your back... paws, whiskers, tail...

For cats and dogs, you’ll be covered for hundreds of accidents, illnesses, and urgent care if you get in a scrape.
Your human can search for the specific things we cover, but please use the medical terms (vets really like using them).


Will you cover me against


Covered! Please read our policy carefully.

Sorry, but not covered!

Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again.

Also, check out our summary of what's covered – it’s very helpful.
Still not sure? Just contact us, a Pet Advisor will assist your human. 

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Best dog insurance and cat insurance plan

Top-Rated Pet Insurance: Money.com rates TrustedPals best pet insurance for flexible deductibles and co-pays.
Success Story: Sugar Rae's bout with gingival hyperplasia
TrustedSpotter (lost pet service)
MultiPaw (save with more pets)

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Best pet insurance plan that fits your budget

Just tell them, TrustedPals' best pet insurance program, costs as little as $0.67 a day. We've had treats that cost more.