My Human Needs Tips on

How to Keep me Healthy

My Human Needs Tips on

How to Keep me Healthy

How does COVID-19 impact
paws, tails and whiskers?

This information is specifically designed for your human - have them read it!

In order to provide guidance to dogs, cats, and pet owners, the CDC has compiled a section
on the frequently asked questions portion of their website that answer some of
the most common questions cats, dogs and their owners have about the coronavirus.

Tell your human to learn more about precautions they can take to keep you safe during
the pandemic, please visit the CDC's website.


Your paws are well protected

Not only do we understand the health and safety needs as
a result of the coronavirus, we recognize the tremendous
global economic impact it is having on everyone.

Your human made a smart financial plan by enrolling you
in TrustedPals – now if there is an unexpected vet expense,
your human can make the easy decision to get you better.

Have your human login to your account to be reminded
of all the great benefits you have with your plan.

Good news for us pets

In Februrary of 2020, the human scientists at IDEXX Reference Laboratories tested thousands of
pets for COVID-19. During the study, some 4,000 dogs, cats and other pets where
screened for the virus over the course of a four-week period.

So… what's the bottom line?

During the study, zero pets tested positive for COVID-19. Hurray!

Does this news make your tail wag and your ears flop?

Keeping humans safe and healthy

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You may have seen we’re backed by a global leader in insurance broking – Marsh – a fact we are proud of especially
with today’s uncertainty around coronavirus.

At times like these, we want to make sure your human has access to the most
current information. Marsh has developed helpful tips for your human to stay healthy and safe.