I'm a cat

And I want to show my human
how to pamper me

I'm a cat

And I want to show my human everything that excites me!

They train you, you train them

Your human’s pretty good at getting the gist.
Tail wagging? You’re happy. Head down? Something’s up.

But there’s loads more they need to know. Show them all the bits and pieces that matter most to you.

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How to deal with cat skin allergies

Is your cat having issues with its skin? It could be an allergic reaction, so get to the vet. Don't worry, your cat insurance will cover the medicine. 

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New kitten? Here’s how to give them the best start

Your new kitten's on the way, so it's time to get organized with everything you'll need (including cat insurance) to give them a great first day. 

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What is FIV?

Feline immunodeficiency virus.
But what does that mean?
Learn more here.