Here's what everyone is saying about us:

It's awesome

Here's what everyone is saying about us:

It's awesome

Top-Rated Pet Insurance Plan ranked TrustedPals  as one of their top plans for 2020. We're leading the pack when it comes to flexible deductibles and co-pays. 


Veterinarian Dr. Doug Kenney evaluates TrustedPals


Listen in on this podcast where a practicing veterinarian gives his independent review of TrustedPals. He shares his thoughts on why TrustedPals covers more than other plans... including fees other companies just don't cover.

Top 5 Pet Insurance Plan

Coverage that stands above the competition paired with money-saving rates customized to your pet are just a few of the reasons Consumers Advocate rates TrustedPals in the top 5.


Saving Sugar Rae's teeth ... And saving her pet parents $5,315.00 at the same time

Who knew that tooth problems for a dog could be as expensive as braces for a kid?!  Sugar Rae's bout with gingival hyperplasia was a staggering vet bill.  Seriously ... $5,3150.00!  But TrustedPals took care of it.

Unbiased Review

Low monthly fees for younger pets caused Consumer Affairs to highlight TrustedPals.  Those low costs can quickly pay for themselves with just one or two larger vet expenses.  



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